XABT Obtained CE Certificate - Monkeypox Virus Detection Kit

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On May 26, 2022, Real-time PCR Detection Kit for Monkeypox Virus was developed by Beijing Applied Biological Technologies Co., LTD.(XABT) obtained CE certificate. 


Monkeypox virus outbreaks have been confirmed worldwide. More than 250 cases have been reported in at least 16 countries, according to the World Health Organization. For early detection of suspected infections, XABT had independently developed Real-time PCR Detection Kit for Monkeypox Virus.


This demonstrates that the XABTs Real-time PCR Detection Kit for Monkeypox Virus can be officially sold in EU member states and countries that meet EU standards.


The Real-time PCR Detection Kit for Monkeypox Virus developed by XABT uses a real-time PCR technology method for quickly identify possible monkeypox viruses by its advantages of high sensitivity and specificity. 


With the spread of the monkeypox virus in multi-country, the global situation has become complicated and severe. The number is expected to rise more in the future. Many countries are overwhelmed by the sudden outbreaks of the virus and should increase the surveillance of monkeypox. People who have initial symptoms including fever and rash should actively consider a diagnosis of monkeypox virus infection.